Alma Soprano Lasers For Sale

Soprano Platinum

SHR technology (trio clustered diodes) powers the Sporano Ice Platinum hair removal laser. Hair follicles are damaged without harming the area surrounding the targeted area. This is a pain free and incredibly effective hair removal laser system by the makers of Alma Lasers.

Applications: Hair Removal on all skin types.

Handpieces: Alex 755 nm, Speed 810 nw and YAG 1064nm

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Alma Soprano Ice

Affordable, durable and revenue generating. the Soprano Ice is award winning laser hair removal for your value clients. The Soprona Ice feature "In-Motion" technology for effective coverage.

Applications: Permanent hair removal on all skin types, including tanned.

Handpieces: Speed Diode 810 nm, Compact 810 nm, Cleartite Peak Emission 1300 nm, Ice Tech

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Soprano XL

The Soprano XL diode laser hair removal system is an affordable option for your practice. This Alma laser features the gold standard 810 nm laser and Alma's proprietary "In-Motion" technology for permanent hair reduction that is fast and effective.

Applications: Hair removal on all skin types including tanned..

Handpieces: Large spot size handpiece

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