Alma Laser Refurbishment

Whether you are in the market for a pre-owned Alma laser system or need help getting your existing equipment working again, we can help. Our certified medical laser technicians have repaired hundreds of Alma laser systems and Alma handpieces. We carry a full range of OEM replacement parts so our turn around times are super quick. We also buy and refurbish used Alma lasers that we then resell for significant savings, including handpieces.

Specializing in Soprano and Harmony Repairs

We specialize in both the Harmony and Soprano line of Alma aesthetic equipment and can repair any of these systems. We work on Diode, Alexandrite, Flashlamps, Nd:YAG systems and other laser technologies. Our staff also repairs or replaces components such as power supplies, flow switches, water pumps, water filters, light guides, crystals and more.

We Repair Hundreds of Alma IPL (AFT) and Diode Handpieces yearly.

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About Alma Lasers

Alma Lasers Ltd., formerly known as MSQ Ltd., is a medical technology company that has a long history of designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing aesthetic treatment systems. Boasting equipment that is non-invasive with multiple energy sources, Alma Lasers was founded in 1980 and incorporated in 1999. With a majority interest held by the investment firm TA Associates, Alma Lasers is headquartered in Caesarea, Israel and in 2013 was acquired by a group that also includes Chindex International and Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceuticals.

Currently marketing products in 64 countries – including the United States, Germany, and Brazil – Alma Lasers seeks to offer lower up front investment opportunities to plastic surgeons, dermatologists, general physicians, and other medical practitioners. These investments are intended to be beneficial for practices, as well, with Alma Lasers’ endeavor to provide flexibility for future upgrades based on new market releases.

Offering laser, intense-pulsed light, and radio frequency devices, Alma Lasers’ platforms can treat a range of skin types for hair removal, tattoo removal, vascular and pigmented lesion treatments, skin rejuvenation, acne and wrinkle treatments, skin tightening, and body contouring. These treatments are accomplished through use of Alma Lasers’ modular, multiple-application systems: Harmony, Soprano, Accent, and Pixel Fractional Resurfacing Technology.

Top Selling Alma Devices

  • Harmony: a device offering both laser and intense-pulsed light energy options, utilizes 13 handpieces in one unit. The most versatile of Alma Lasers’ devices, Harmony is capable of performing treatment options ranging from hair removal and lesion treatment to wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation.
  • Soprano: is a third generation diode laser system that provides pain free hair removal. Unlike many of its competitors, the Soprano is compatible with all skin types – particularly after the recent introduction of all three of the most trusted and reliable wavelengths on the Soprano ICE platform. Sporting the 810 Diode, the Alexandrite 755, and now the 1064 Nd:YAG, which is ideal for darker skin types, the Soprano Ice is the first and only hair removal platform to offer all three in one.
  • Accent:: this device's energy is derived from second generation radio frequency technology. Accent provides treatment options for wrinkles, cellulite, and body sculpting.
  • Pixel Fractional Resurfacing Technology: is proprietary to Alma Lasers and offers skin rejuvenation based on fractional resurfacing technology.

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